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Homeopathic Physician (BHMS) Awarded by WHO & Ministry of Ayush

Dr. Prince Kumar Mishra, a Homoeopathic doctor & paralysis specialist in Allahabad where he has been running a busy and successful Homoeopathic practice for many years . Dr. Prince Mishra has cured many patients completely, with his Classical Homoeopathic approach, the many Years of his practice, he specializes in the treatment of cancer and paralysis, & gives their best to thousand of peoples in Allahabad & nearby areas. with his Classical Pure Homoeopathic approach, in the last several years of his practice; he specializes in the treatment of paralysis and cancer, & gives their best to thousand of peoples in Allahabad &nearby areas. He wins a lot of awards for his outstanding performance in paralysis Homoeopathy treatment. Staging a ‘One Man Show’ in the beginning, he has built up a mark of trust in the city. Over the years, DR.MISHRA’S HOMOEOTAJ CLINIC (DMHC) has earned tremendous goodwill for its dedication towards giving the best possible treatment to patients through Homoeopathic Science. Over the past years, 100+ patients have recovered remarkably of paralysis & cancer.

At DR. MISHRA’S HOMOEOTAJ CLINIC (DMHC) we help paralysis & cancer patients live longer, free and fuller life. We not only treat patients symptomatically, but we believe in adopting a healthful approach in our treatment, which helps patients in regaining complete wellness and health. Now a day’s peoples firstly prefer Homoeopathy treatment due to its painless remedy, from ancient times it’s just a myth that paralysis & cancer cannot be cured by Homoeopathy but our new medical science has proven that all kind of chronic disease treatments are available in Homoeopathy. Homoeopathy is a sub-system of natural health care in which extreme dilutions of substances from nature are used to stimulate a healing response. Our experts particularly research on the treatment of paralysis& cancer that how can further we improve our services & treatment so that we win against these dreadful diseases & spread the ray of hope & happiness more and more.

Mr. AK Mishra (Dr. Mishra)

Founder and Director

He is Founder and Director of Dr. Mishra's Homoeotaj Clinic, he is award by World Health Organization ( WHO)

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