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    Homeopathy is a medical science developed by German physician Dr Samuel Hahnemann. Homoeopathy based on the principle of similia similibus curentur ‘like cures like ‘in simple words, it means that any substance that produces symptoms in a healthy person can cure similar symptoms in a person who is unwell. It is referred to as the ‘Law of Similar’. This idea was understood by Hippocrates (father of medicine) and is also mentioned in ancient Hindu manuscripts. It was Hahnemann, however, who turned it into the science of healing. Homoeopathy never gives up from to every disease. A drop of Homeopathic medicine can change the quality of your life. Homeopathic Treatment is one of the safest process of pharmaceutical which never harm body and suitable to everyone. With the aim of curing chronic & dreadful diseases like paralysis & cancer by homeopathy.

    Homoeopathy Worldwide popularity

    Homoeopathy is known for its safe and gentle ways of treatment. People across the world prefer Homoeopathy over conventional medicine, as it has no side-effects, and is non-toxic and non-addictive. In the last five years, Homoeopathy has grown three times faster than allopathic [25-30% annually]. It is presently the 2nd largest system of medicine in the world, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). France is the largest contributor to Homoeopathy in the world followed by Germany.

    In England, 42% British physicians refer patients to homeopaths. The Royal family has used Homoeopathy for three generations. The Queen has carried her 'black box' of ‘white pills’ on her travels. It has been estimated that over 6 million people in the US use Homoeopathy for self-care, and day-to-day health problems. In India, over 100 million people depend on Homoeopathy for health issues.

    There are around 200,000 registered Homoeopathic doctors, and approximately 12,000 new Homoeopathic doctors are registered every year. Homoeopathy is practiced in most European countries. It is included in the national health systems of countries like Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Homoeopathy is also practiced with good support from the government in countries like UAE, most Asian countries, and in much Middle Eastern Countries. Apart from curing acute and chronic illnesses, Homoeopathy has a reputation of providing relief in many difficult as well as rare ailments.

    Indian Homoeopathic Organizations (IHO)

    IN THE 20th century, three people made a great impact on the society. These were Einstein, Karl Marx and Dr Samuel Hahnemann. Dr Hahnemann developed a treatment system dedicated to humanity,” said

    Justice SN Srivastava at the 251st birth anniversary of Founder of Homoeopathy Dr SCF Hahnemann organized by Allahabad unit of Indian Homoeopathy Organization (IHO) on Sunday.

    Srivastava said Dr Hahnemann developed Homoeopathy for the benefit of the masses. The students and teachers of Homoeopathy had continuously struggled for its development and to give it its proper place in society, he said.

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